A Photo Tech Moment

Google Home

   There a new kid on the block in home automation. The current veteran is named Amazon Echo. But Google has brought into the world some choice for consumers. While Amazon Echo has been out approximately two years or so, Google debuted Home about two to three months ago.  I have been eager to get a product to start my home automation, Amazon had been on my mind. Especially the Amazon Dot. It was small and affordable at $49.99. Google Home is currently priced at $129.99. It’s about $50 cheaper than the Echo. Sure, Echo can do more things, but in my opinion, I believe that Google will be more compatible than Amazon will. It has more of a web presence with email, search, calendar, music, translate, Google plus, maps, chromecast audio and video, books, video apps Hangouts and Duo. At the moment Google only works with a few of their services. But if they want to capture consumers interests, they are sure to expand. But don’t count Amazon out. They also are a big content provider. I have always like Google and have been tempted to ditch my iPhone for the new Google Pixel. Google’s assistant has the best by far voice recognition on devices that I have seen. It’s better at contextual interactions than the other assistants have shown. In my opinion, Google is pushing ahead of Apple in this area. While I like Apple’s ecosystem better, Google’s AI is superior. If only one would buy out the other. 🙂 Never gonna happen.

As far as my interactions with the Home, It’s pretty good at hearing me. Especially when music is playing. Although I haven’t had much interaction with the Echo, it’s not something to dismiss. It’s good. But I went with Google Home because of what I believe they are capable of in the future. I bought some Philips Hue lights to work with it and its good. The one thing that I have learned, is sometimes you have to be specific in your wording when you want home to do something. Play a specific song, or turn the lights to a certain color. But all in all, it works well. The Hue lights are nice. You can have have the Home turn them all sorts of colors. At night, it’s handy to ask Home to turn the lights on when you need to get out of bed, or off when getting in. If you hear some unfamiliar sounds, possibly a burglar outside, tell Home to turn on all the lights, that for sure will get their attention. I have asked home to set timers while cooking and alarms to wake up. It’s a very convenient. I’m happy with Google Home and I’m sure they are to impress with future expandabilities.  I’ll update as more capabilities come out. But for now, I hope my small perspective helps.


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